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Before telling this story about potential Chinese forward military operating bases in the USA, let me mention something.   When historians decide if a story from the past was fact or fiction, they look at how many unrelated sources say the same thing.  If there is one account of the story from one source, then maybe that thing happened.  If there are two unrelated accounts saying the same thing, it probably happened.  If there are three unrelated accounts stating the same thing, that is considered historical fact.

In Obama's second term, I had traveled to Santiago Chile in South America.  I was attending a conference there that was teaching people how to set up foreign bank accounts, get residency visas in other countries, and basically how to set up an international footprint.  The convention included people such as Ron Paul (Former Congressman), Peter Schiff (Financial Advisor) Jim Rickards (Monetary Analysist and Advisor for the government) and others.

While at the convention, I assisted an elderly Jewish woman to set up her bank account in Georgia (country not state).  She was a Holocaust Survivor.  She and her family were at this convention to learn how to set up foreign residencies and establish overseas bank accounts.  When the daughter of this woman approached us, the elderly woman said I was very kind and helpful and that they should tell me why they were there at the convention.   This entire Jewish family, descendants of a Holocaust survivor looked scared, very scared.  Here is their story.

My son works for a trucking company.  Their firm, for 6 weeks, had been hauling loads down from Canada to a very isolated site about 20 miles away from a Marine Corps base in North Carolina.   Something unusual about this job was that every truck load was diplomatically sealed which means it crosses the US border without border patrol inspecting the loads.

On the last trip that my son took, there was a new, young, border patrol agent that stopped him as he drove into the US from Canada.  The border patrol agent told my son to open the back of the truck so it could be inspected.  My son told the new young agent that his load was Diplomatically  sealed so he could not open it.  The inexperienced agent said he WOULD inspect the load.  My son told the agent that he would have to open it himself because my son did not want to  be fired.  

All of the older and experienced border agents were handling other lanes, so the new agent went back to the truck, cut the seal and opened the door.  My son stood back and observed.  Both my son and the agent were shocked because the truck was filled with uniformed Chinese soldiers, all sitting around tables playing cards and waiting to be transported to the isolated area (probably owned by China) in North Carolina.

We heard that the trucking company was bringing other loads to other isolated areas in the USA, so we think there are many Chinese military bases now inside the USA, approved by President Obama.  In the future we believe there will be war inside the USA and we want to be prepared to leave the USA before it falls and have residencies set up in other countries.  We do not want to be unprepared like the Jewish people were before the Holocaust.



*  A scared Jewish family recounts the story of their son hauling Chinese military into the US by the truckload, for weeks during Obama's 2nd term.

* The author of Blood Money, while on the Glenn Beck program stated that Chinese nationals (per a Biden Directive) were only required to answer 7 questions (compared to over 40 for others) before being streamlined into the USA.

*Multiple news sources state the largest ethnic group entering the USA are Chinese.

*Chinese citizens must be given permission by the CCP before they may leave the country, which indicates that the CCP may be sending all those military age Chinese across our southern border.

*My Asia sources tell me that massive numbers of Chinese Reserve Militia are crossing the southern US border, being picked up and transported to undisclosed locations.

*The Biden family has multiple LLCs that get millions of dollars from Chinese companies for undisclosed services.



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