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This is Michael Connely, I am asking everyone to vote on May 14.  Do not wait till the general election or your conservative option WILL be gone.

LOOK at THESE Votes/Stances

VOTE on FISA (allowing the government to continue spying on US Citizens)  Flood - YES   Connely - NO

Vote on Ukraine (send billions MORE to Ukraine and increase Biden power)   Flood - YES    Connely - NO

Vote on Omnibus (kick the deficit can down the road and approve funds)      Flood - YES     Connely - NO

ACU (American Conservative Union) charts conservative rating.        *Flood - 60%    **Connely  - 100%

*Actual lifetime voting record    **Tested self assessment

 When I, as a Marine, swore to defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic, I knew that oath only ends at death.  This is why I am asking for your vote for US Congress on May 14 2024,We CANNOT have business as usual in Congress. We must make drastic changes NOW, and this goes far beyond simply voting in a conservative manner.   Give me the authority and resources as US Congressman, so I can make sure we are prepared for what is to come.  October 7 against Israel was just a sneak preview of what is in store for us.

*  We have an invasion occurring daily on our southern border (many Chinese Military Reservists). We MUST deport 100% of those coming into our country illegally.

*  US Military force strength is ranked as "weak" for the first time. We MUST take the woke out of our military or our most patriotic will not join.

*  Congressmen go on vacation when our budgets are in chaos.  They must stay in session UNTIL a budget is made.  No budget means they should have NO salary.  

*  Inflation is rampant and our government prints funny money.  Congressmen keep voting YES on omnibus bills, which keep kicking the can down the road.  We need NO votes.

*  Our Judicial system strips away your Constitutional rights. The judges MUST be held accountable.

*  Whistle blowers flee to other countries to avoid years in prison.  They expose illegal actions then must fear for their lives.  We must END multiple departments of our government.


We CANNOT have business as usual in D.C.

or our nation as we know it will cease to exist.


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