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Immediate halt to ALL immigration that is undocumented.

This included a 100% deportation rate for those crossing illegally, with confiscation of ALL money cards and phones given to them by the Biden Administration either directly or through UN agencies funded by the US.

Illegals already residing and working here MUST complete legal paperwork to be accepted for work, but must leave the USA to complete the paperwork.  This is Standard Operating Procedure for nearly every civilized country in the world.

Elimination of multiple departments in the Federal Government.

At this point, we cannot have a balanced budget, we need a surplus so we can begin paying DOWN the debt.  This means entire departments must be eliminated with all information archived.  Other departments need to be shrunk down to offices.   We CANNOT kick the can down the road or we will be spending all our tax dollars just to pay the interest on our debt.

Investigate all isolated areas in the continental USA for potential military forward operating bases.

There are credible sources indicating that the CCP, during Obama's 2nd term, were allowed to set up forward operating bases within the boundaries of our country.  This must be investigated.

Arrest and convict  justice department officials who are devastating the constitutional rights of J6 Political prisoners

We now have video evidence that shows the majority of these defendants are merely selfie grabbing individuals.  Other individuals who assisted the police have also been targeted.

Complete support of one of our closest allies, ISRAEL.

I trained along side IDF (Israeli military) while in the US military.  I consider them brothers in arms.  The IDF are some of the most professional and humane of any military forces.  If they decide to make GAZA into a big farming region and move all those who lived there to the West Bank, they would be completely justified; and not for JUST what happened on October 7.  Decisive military action should have been taken years ago.  Imagine the US response if a neighboring area lobbed rockets into our communities.

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