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Connely ... the only conservative candidate in Nebraska's District 1

"Make no mistake, we are in a state of war with the Communist Chinese.  They have infiltrated into our political parties, our news services, our justice system, our education system and our election system. There are rumors that it was the Chinese who funded the rioting Antifa and BLM groups (Blog with details coming soon) .

According to some sources I have, the Chinese even have Uniformed Armed Chinese soldiers on secret isolated Military Bases within our borders.  Their numbers are increasing daily due to our open Southern border (Blog with details coming soon). 

Any candidate for Federal office must be prepared to be jailed or worse for taking action against this Communist infiltration.  Doubt this???  Ask President Trump!  A US Marine is always a Marine.  I swore to defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.  The oath of a Marine ends only at death.  This is why I am asking for your vote for US Congress on May 14 2024,

Who am I?

* 5th Generation Nebraskan

* Educational Director of Conservative Constitution Training Private Schools

* Former Candidate for Nebraska Governor

* Founder of the new American Patriot Businesses LLC, a business database for a conservative parallel economy

* Former Military ASVAB Testing Administrator

* Former State Quality Assurance Director US Census (2000)

* United States Military Veteran (USMC)  Aviation Electronics, Military Intelligence (Classified Material Control),     Nuclear Biological Chemical     Warfare Defense Preparation, Medical Laboratory, Military Police

* 1979 Marine Fitness Challenge Nebraska State Champion

* 1979 Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award Winner


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