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Nebraska Patriots Physical Fitness Challenge

Nebraska High School Seniors and 18 year old Homeschoolers are invited to attend

(US Citizens and legal residents only)

The Grand Prize is $1000. Multiple smaller prizes for finalists.   

RSVP for our event before May 1, 2024.


1.  Click on the contact link located on the bottom of this page and fill in the information.   

2.  On the subject line write "Fitness Challenge"   

3.  In the message area write your age, school, county, and your gender (xy or xx)

This event is held on private property and anyone violating rules must leave immediately

Participants will have their sign-in number written on their hands in permanent marker ink.

* Disrespecting the US flag or National Anthem will result in disqualification

* Males (xy) attempting to compete in female (xx) events will result in disqualification

* Disrespectful action towards sponsors or other participants will result in disqualification

Waiver forms will be emailed to participants.  Bring a signed copy with you.

CLICK HERE…..     

Want to Sponsor?  Contact

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