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Nebraska Private Defense Militias have sent members to Texas to assist in setting up barbed wire barricades.  According to Nebraska Militia leaders and various supporting news reports, the largest group of illegal aliens crossing the border are Chinese nationals.

Source: Confidential Nebraska Militia Leadership

Illegal aliens crossing the southern border normally answer over 40 questions when requesting refugee status, but Chinese nationals are given a streamlined version and only must answer 7 questions when being allowed into the USA, per a Biden Directive.  Why are Chinese nationals given high priority into the country!

Source:  Author of Blood Money on the Glen Beck radio program

In communist China, all citizens must be given approval before they are allowed to leave the country.  All  Chinese Military Age males crossing the southern US border are Chinese Military Reservists.  "It appears as if the CCP is setting up forward military operating bases in preparation for a US land invasion in the future."

Source: Chinese contacts of Michael Connely Congressional Candidate


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