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RELIGIOUS WAR (Click link to watch short X video)

Translated subtitles from a radial Islam cartoon for children

"My friend, do you have Jews over there?  Well, next time they come, punch them.  Turn their faces into tomatoes."


" What I have been trained to fight against is... radical Islam.  This ideology is willing to bring death and destruction to our way of life..."

"They had this belief in this greater cause to return to the glory of Islam and install a Caliphate" (the reign of a chief Muslim ruler).

"The extremists, they brainwash you from a very young age, against the Jews, against the Infidels, against America, against the West..."

"They teach them to murder Jews and Christians, Infidels."

" a religious war."

"I see the different groups that are protesting to free Palestine, you are showing your ignorance, because they wouldn't accept you."

"They believe America, the Western values, they must be stopped, destroyed. You are raising a generation that will change the society from the inside. Anything that is not us, doesn't have the right to exist."

"We are naïve and have our heads buried in the sand, we don't think that is going to come here."




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