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American Patriot Businesses Rules

1.  May not condone or promote woke agendas.  Pride month, Transgender Studies, CRT, and Pronoun choice are Communist propaganda designed to destroy the nuclear family unit and to cause racial and gender strife in the USA.

2.  May not have a DEI department.  Diversity is a way to create racial strife by racially profile individuals and excluding both White and Asian races from equal opportunities.  Equity is when all have equal results regardless of efforts or merit, this is mere Communism. Inclusion often means to selectively choose non Christians to be promoted to top levels.

3.  Must always accept non digital payments.  Absolute governmental control of your spending would result if businesses were required to accept only digital money which can be tracked and controlled.  Patriot businesses must accept, cash, silver, gold or barter.

4.  Must not condone or accept ESG policies.  ESG is a way for governments, individuals corporations, banks and others to control your behavior. It insists on assigning you a score based on your carbon footprint and your socially "woke" acceptable behavior.

5.  Must not require the use of cell phones to conduct business, register for services, or pay for products.   Our government pushes cell phone use because they are personal tracking devices.  Our NSA monitors all cell phone transmissions which leads to a complete loss of privacy.  Additionally, some individuals cannot or will not use cell phones.

6.  Must not give preferential treatment to any group, based on gender, race, religion etc.  There are "woke" individuals who demand special treatment and recognition.   This is unacceptable.

7.  May not accept or condone illegal immigration into our country.  We are under a full scale invasion paid for by our tax dollars.  This leads to human trafficking, sex trade, increased drug flow, an increase of violent crimes and eventually destruction of our American culture.  We must fight strongly against this flow of illegal aliens or we will lose our country.

8.  Must not display a sign saying weapons are not permitted.  Mass shootings take place by mentally disturbed individuals who search out places where they will not meet resistance.  It is best to display a sign that states legal weapons MAY BE carried on the premises.  It discourages cowardly mass shooters from entering your business.

9.  Must set aside a special "POW  MIA" table for veterans on Veterans Day.  These individuals gave their lives to protect you and your freedoms.  Lets us always remember them and give them recognition.

10. Give some type of preferential treatment, service, or discounts to US Military Veterans.  Some business give special service or discounts only on Veterans Day.  Others give special discounts every day of the year.

11.  Must help promote Christian Conservative values by being a "legal initiatives" signing location. Our legislature cannot make all of the needed laws to protect our freedoms and our conservative Christian values.   Every 2 years, we will have several very Conservative Patriot initiatives that were unable to be passed in the legislature.   Patriot businesses will be the people's voice by carrying at least one (business choice) of the initiatives so customers can sign them, so we can put them on the ballot every 2 years.

12.  After officially being listed in the A.P.B. "American Patriot Businesses" database, display the A.P.B. seal in a prominent place in your business near the entrance if possible.  This informs customers that you do not promote woke agendas.  Let the patriots spend their money with a business that has the same values.


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